Matter as material and matter as meaning. These are the most important elements of my creative process, and this has become Matter Matter Studio

I really enjoy developing concepts and making bespoke ceramic that intensifies a given situation. Mostly for restaurants, events, interiors, cookbooks or campaigns. 

It can be ceramic for a specific dish, for part of a menu, or a complete set of tableware. Something that makes the senses work, experience and wonder. Or perhaps something that makes that sensation of the materials come alive in an interior. Or brings out the perfect essence in the combination between text and visuals in a cookbook. I can also make whatever for that campanie that needs something that's never been seen.

In my work, I rearley aim for perfection as we often think of it. My process is very playful, experimental, and open. It is a collaboration between myself, the materials, the serendipitous nature of the process, my immediate surroundings, and of course the collaboration - you. 

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My professional life started with a Master of Fine Art in Art Jewelry, showing my work and handmade stories at the most prestigious galleries around the world. I liked that, but after about ten years I began to feel boxed in, so I left.

But I continued to use and feed my sense of detail and storytelling as a Costume- and Set Designer for film, theatre, and commercials. Still stories made by hand but another scale and another context. With a discerning eye and appreciation of creative processes, I was soon involved in some very interesting projects and collaborations, including award winning feature films like Play, Force Majeur, and Jätten and the performance theatre trilogy Conte d’Amour, WLA, and Bis Zum Tod.  I won a Swedish Guldbagge award for best makeup/hair ("Jätten", 2017) and was also nominated for best costume design ("Play", 2011. The productions competed and won awards both nationally and in places like the Cannes film festival, the Sundance Film festival and the festival d'Avignon



All these experiences have given me a deeper understanding for the processes - how strong, fragile and important it is. By defining objects and situations we also create a deeper meaning, far beyond the object and situation itself - it's about life - what and how we aim to communicate.

I have also developed an understanding for materials and how to refine, making the receiver wonder. I make connections and meaningful pieces! The place where you find me. 



This is more than plates, bowls and cups.

Before I start to make anything I always begin each project with a visit, to get an over all feeling of what you wish for and what the possibilities are to make something that is perfect just for you. But above all to make a personal connection. If you, for example, have a restaurant we will talk about what you want to communicate, what kind of gastronomical sensation you want to present, how you want to develop and make your special place even more personal and clear.

Can we get close to the nerve and the soul of your restaurant? Can we materialize your true intention? Yes, we can. I can. We will also talk about materials, nuances, sensations, dimensions and volume for your purpose.

Then I start to make samples. The sampels has to dry before the first kiln can be loaded and then bisque fired. After that glaze fire. Then we decide. After this its time for the actual making of the pieces. The whole process (developing, making, drying and two fierings) will take 6-8 weeks, depending on how many pieces and variations the order contains. 

I will give you a price after our first meeting, when I know more about your need. The price includes all the stages in the process as well as end result.

Hand and custom made ceramics are more than plates, bowls and cups. They are a way to intensify and clarify the story you want to tell, using all senses in a genuine and meaningful way. They are unique and made with devotion. They will make your story unique and vibrant.

I deliver personally, send the ceramics in safe parcels, as well as welcome you for pick up in my studio in Floda.

Welcome to my world, contact me! Send me an email

Matter Matter Studio was founded in Floda, Sweden, in 2019 by Pia Aleborg.